How to Start Ice Cream Business

How to start Ice Cream Business

Ice Cream machine malaysia

How to start an ice cream business 

Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & Brunei


Few things need to consider before you start:

  1. Type of ice cream you want to sell

There are many type of ice cream:

-Soft serve ice cream

-Frozen Yogurt

-Premium Ice Cream or Gelato Ice Cream

-Ice Cream Cake & other frozen dessert

  1. Location and targeted group

Location and targeted group is one of the main considerations before you start an Ice Cream Business.

-Nearby school or college, the customers will be more on student. Types of ice cream suitable are lower in price but able to sell with volume.

-Tourist area, targeted group will be visitors or tourist. Suggest selling some ice cream with

 special flavor or ingredients.

-Shopping Mall or shopping complex, weekend will be more crowds.

  1. Business model: mobile (van, truck) or parlor/shop, cart or outlet in Shopping mall.

For mobile type outlet, van or truck and Electric Generator are required. The advantages are mobility, no shop rental and flexibility. On the other hand, this model facing others issue like higher maintenance on electric generator, Ice cream machine and vehicle, also the expenses on fuel for generator and vehicle.

To set up an outlet or shop (parlor), need to think about the location, design and area layout, type and size of the outlet. One common issue is high rental for property and expenses on renovation.

  1. Budget or total investment

Your budget or investment will also determine all the aspect as mentioned above.

  1. Machine and Ingredients

Machine and ingredients are another main things that need to consider carefully.

-For Soft serve ice cream and Frozen Yogurt, you need a soft serve machine.

-To produce Gelato or premium ice cream, a Batch Freezer is needed. Beside the Batch Freezer, you need another display freezer to store and display the ice cream.

Normally the machines that available in the market are from USA, Europe like Italy and German, Korea and China.

The machine from USA and Europe will be more expensive compare to China machine. In China, there are many factories or producers that making the ice cream machine, suggest buy the machine with using the imported part, meaning that the main Compressor, valves and few more critical components are good quality type imported from other country.

Ingredients will determine your ice cream quality. There are two common types of Premix ingredients in local market, in powder or liquid form. Suggest using Premix Powder with good quality and not only consider the price. Good and tasty ice cream is made from good quality ingredients.

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